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Search Engine Performance and Client Testimonials

Increased Visitors - the following graph shows the increase in targetted traffic from Google to four clients’ websites over a four month period, click to zoom.
Number of visitors from Google
Improved Rankings – the following graph shows the improvement in Google ranking for four optimised keywords over a four month period, click to zoom.
Keyword ranking performance
"We employed the services of Algorythm Solutions to help increase organic traffic to the new Pivotal Scientific website, and in doing so increase our profile whilst reducing our adwords budget. In fact the SEO that Algorythm carried out ultimately meant that we no longer have the need for adword campaigns. Due to the nature of consultancy it is difficult to put a concrete value on the improved rankings we now have but the perceived value cannot be denied. High rankings aid the act of branding, which in turn reinforce our validity in the Biotech Industry. Also, with regards to site growth, the content creation that accompanied the SEO process has lead to a more resourceful website."
Tim Bernard, CEO of Pivotal Scientific.
"Since employing Algorythm Solutions to provide internet marketing services for Innova Biosciences we have seen a significant increase in visitors to the website and seen a corresponding increase in sales for optimized products. As a consequence, this increase in traffic has also allowed us to significantly reduce our adwords expenditure."
Brian Carpenter, Sales and Marketing Manager of Innova Biosciences.
"Since working with Algorythm Solutions our keyword rankings have improved considerably, we now consistently rank in the top 2 search results for our chosen keywords. We have seen a large increase in enquires and business corresponding to the increase in rankings."
John Hill, CJ’s Birds of prey
"We have seen our search engine rankings rise dramatically since employing Algorythm Solutions and we have also seen a corresponding rise in sales. Previously our site received 5-10 visitors per day, now we attract 70-100 visitors per day, this increase is reflected directly in our sales figures, Algorythm Solutions optimisation work has been integral to this increase."
Andrew Thompson – The Trunki Shop