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Do you want your company on the first page of a Search Engine?

Every day, people are searching for your products and services online, search engine optimisation (SEO) is about making sure those people find your website, your products and your services.

SEO is the single biggest opportunity in online marketing, and when applied correctly, it provides an excellent return on investment. Algorythm solutions will help you identify the best keyword targets related to your products and services and design keyword strategies to bring targeted traffic to your website and increased sales to your business. But don't take my word for it, please take a look at our client data and customer testimonials.

Research shows that 42% of search engine users do not look past the first page (first ten results), 67% do not look past the second and 82% do not look past the third. Also, 87% of the UK online audience use search engines to find websites and 70% of all broadband enabled adults buy products and services online. It is clear that customers head directly to search engines to find just about everything these days and if your business ranks well for a particular search term then you can enjoy a steady stream of profitable traffic. Conversely, if you rank outside the first three pages, your website will be essentially invisible to the search traffic trying to find products that you sell.

Algorythm Solutions provides internet marketing services to all industries, but due to spending sometime in a laboratory coat, specialises in science and technology based companies. Combining over 10 years experience in the Biotech, Life Science and Pharmaceutical Industries with European and Global marketing roles, Algorythm Solutions is uniquely placed to understand how to develop search engine marketing campaigns specific to technologies and companies in those industries. An understanding of the Biotech, Life Science and Pharmaceutical online publishing environment is key to developing effective off-page optimisation.

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